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Royal Blue Shirt for Women

Royal Blue Shirt for Women

It may be time for shirts to be mainly for men only. Obviously, time has gone too long when you realize how many types of shirts are available for women in today's world. Today I will not talk about any sweaters with special cuttings, I will instead talk about the attractive royal blue sweater. To show you how to style it, I've collected some of the best royal blue sweaters for the outfit. Let's check them out now. 

Royal blue silk shirt with black cropped chinos

Let's start the list with an elegant and professional work suit. Wear a royal blue side shirt that looks semi-glossy. Pair it with black cropped chinos and light pink heels. You can also have a tweed skirt on your shirt to look even more professional and smart. 

Royal blue oversized shirt with black skinny jeans

royal blue oversized shirt black skinny jeans

Let's take a look at a street outfit instead. For the top, you can wear a royal blue oversized button up over a white t-shirt. Pair them with black skinny jeans and white boards. This is such a casual and stylish outfit that is perfect to wear for casual hangouts. 

Royal Blue Button Up Shirt with Tribal Printed Bodycon Mini Dress

royal blue button up sweater tribal printed bodycon mini skirt

Here is a really interesting and beautiful outfit that can make you look taller and slimmer. You can achieve this by wearing a royal blue button up shirt for the top. Then pair a shirt with a high waisted tribal boydon mini skirt that helps visually move the waist up so the legs look longer. Pair them with light pink heels to give a feminine touch. 

Royal blue bow shirt with gray chinos

royal blue bow with gray chinos

When it comes to wooden clothes, especially those that involve shirts, we often think of them as very serious and boring. It is actually not really as long as you are willing to use some creativity. For example, you can choose a royal blue shirt that comes with the beautiful ribbon details to spice up your outfit. Pair them with gray chinos and light pink heels to complement this adorable work suit. 

Wear with black blazer with striped skater skirt

black blazer striped skater dress

If you want to wear a jacket with your royal blue shirt, you can certainly wear a black blazer like what you would do with other shirts. The blazer and shirt combination just seems to work no matter what type of sweater you wear. Now you should be creative by wearing them with a black, blue and white striped skate skirt. Finish the outfit with black heels. 

Wear with Royal Blue Skinny Pants

royal blue skinny pants

If you are the adventurous type and you don't mind sticking out from the crowd, you can actually go for a completely royal blue outfit. For example, you can wear a royal blue shirt with a pair of royal blue skinny pants. Pair them with white pointed toe heels to create an interesting contrast. 

Blue deep V-neck collarless shirt with white Mini Bodycon skirt

blue deep v-neck collarless shirt white mini bodycon skirt

One of the best colors to use for pairing with a royal blue shirt is the white color. This outfit is a perfect demonstration of it. You can pair a royal blue shirt with a white bodycon mini skirt and royal blue ankles with straps with open toe heels to create a beautiful and refreshing blue and white look. 

Wear with blue and white floral mini skirt

Blue and white floral mini skirt

As you can see from the previous suit, the white and royal blue color combination is something special. Let's continue to explore another of them. Wear the royal blue shirt with a blue and white floral mini skirt for this outfit to look happy and refreshing. To make the legs look narrower, you can use black leggings and black leather pins in black leather. 

Royal blue silk shirt with black Midi Bodycon skirt

royal blue silk shirt black midi bodycon skirt

For a slightly more mature look, you can wear a royal blue silk shirt with a black midi bodycon skirt that comes with some subtle royal blue patterns. For the shoes, you can simply wear black ankle straps with open toe heels to easily complement the suit. 

Royal blue shirt with white skinny jeans

royal blue shirt white skinny jeans

If you are looking for a way to wear the royal blue sweater in a relaxed and refreshing way for outdoor hangouts, you can easily do so by pairing it with white skinny jeans and a brown leather belt. Wearing brown sandals adds an extra refreshing touch to the outfit. 

Dress with blue belt

blue belt shirt dress

Not only does royal blue work well with shirts, it works well with shirt dresses as well. Here is a super chic blue belt shirt dress that you can wear in the office. You can simply pair it with a black leather handbag and black lace-up heels to get a simple yet stunning look. 

Royal blue linen shirt

royal blue linen lace shirt

Usually a lace shirt looks pretty feminine and elegant. For some reason, this royal blue linen shirt does not look so, but looks good instead. You can wear it untucked with a pair of black chinos and black boards to create a surprisingly cool look. 

Silk shirt with white quilted Bodycon Wrap Mini skirt

silk shirt white quilted bodycon wrap mini skirt

Here is a sexy look that you can actually wear for work. Wear a royal blue top for the top. It's actually a collar that has a neckline in the v-neck and that's why the outfit is pretty sexy. Pair it with a mini white quilted wrap skirt to show off some bones. Finally, pair them with light pink ankle straps with open toe heels to give a feminine and elegant touch to the overall look. 

Blue silk shirt with black dress pants

blue silk shirt black dress pants

For a slightly unisex and stylish look, you can wear a blue side shirt with black dress pants. Pair them with a pair of black heeled toe heels and a black leather handbag to form a very simple and professional looking blue and black outfit. 

I hope you find the list above with royal blue shirt outfit ideas useful. If you do, you may also want to check out other outfit ideas we have on this site. Anyway, have fun styling with the royal blue shirts. 


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