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Wedding Guest Trousers Outfit
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Wedding Guest Trousers Outfit Ideas for Women

When it comes to attending a friend's wedding, some people are happy to have the opportunity to wear a beautiful dress that looks absolutely beautiful. At the same time, some ladies just hate dressing up. They think it's too feminine, or they don't fit their personalities well, or they just hate it. Where do the headaches come from, how can you properly dress for a wedding as a guest if you are not wearing a dress? Some of you might just wear t-shirts and jeans every day. The good news is that even if you don't like dresses, you can still look good in your friend's wedding. I am about to share with you some of the best wedding costume ideas without a dress.  

Palazzo Jumpsuit

long palazzo jumpsuit
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palazzo jumpsuit with short sleeves
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palazzo jumpsuit with low v-neck
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off the shoulder Palazzo jumpsuit
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Wearing a palazzo jumpsuit is very suitable as a wedding guest. There are so many different styles of palazzo jumpsuits, while some make you look more boyish and handsome, and some allow you to show some skin. You can simply choose a sleeveless or short sleeve, long palazzo jumpsuit, if you prefer to dress unisex. If you want to look more feminine and sexy, the shoulders, low back or low roll design are some good choices. 

Wear game games for weddings

wear game clothes for wedding as a guest
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Wear game clothes for weddings with jackets
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floral toy for wedding guest
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If you think a long jumpsuit may be too formal and you prefer a more energetic look, this could be an idea you would like to wear on a wedding suit. A toy suit is similar to a short version of a jumpsuit. It lets you see your legs and it makes you look much more up to date, especially for outdoor weddings. Remember that you should not wear a game cover that is too short because you are a guest and you should not take all the spotlight away from the bride. Usually white toy or black toy with very subtle pattern works really well for weddings. You can look better by adding more layers, whether it's a vest or a jacket. For a more girly and happier look, a floral toy is an excellent choice. 

Wear Origami shorts for weddings

origami shorts
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Because origami shorts have many layers, it makes them look as much as skirts visually. You can pair your origami shorts with all kinds of semi-formal tops that people would usually pair with skirts. It would make you look appropriate and make you feel like a wedding guest. 

Paper bag shorts for wedding

paper bag shorts wedding
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You can wear shorts in a paper bag for a wedding if you choose the right one and pair it with the right top. Since paper bag shorts can easily be too relaxed, you can try to get one made of slightly finer fabric and one that is smaller in the bag. Pair the shorts with a formal and beautiful top. A nice long-sleeved, off-shoulder top like the image above is a good example of what to wear with your wedding paper bag shorts. 

Wear wide pants for weddings

trousers ideas wedding guest
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Dresses will come to mind when it comes to wedding guest attire, because most of the pants we wear just don't look good for weddings. But there are actually many wide trousers that look beautiful and they are perfect to wear at a wedding. It is mainly about the fabric and the cutting that makes them so much nicer than the ones we wear to work. The wide trousers you can wear at the wedding are made of a bit of fine fabric, and they have quite a narrow cut at the top and a very wide cut at the bottom to make your legs look so narrow and long. I think that both trousers in plain color and trousers with flowers work very well for weddings.

Wear skinny pants for weddings

black slim trousers wedding guest
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Remember that skinny jeans are not suitable for weddings, no matter how good they make you look. I think the main reason is that you do not want the bride to think that you do not respect the wedding by wearing jeans. You just don't want the slightest chance to make the bride unhappy. On the other hand, slim trousers or slim cut trousers are suitable, especially when you pair them with a beautiful and formal top like the picture above. 

White suit with lace top

white suit with low v-top
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If you are the type who prefers to wear a suit because you are so used to wearing it every day for work, how can you wear a lace top under your blazer to make the transition look less serious and more suitable for weddings.

Khaki trousers with pastel top for weddings

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Khaki pants may be too casual, but it may look good enough for weddings if you pair them with a beautiful pastel top. As you can see from the above image, a beautiful jacket and a nice pair of heels can lift out the look at great times. 

The above ideas are all great outfit ideas if you are not willing to wear a dress for your friend's wedding. But, if your only reason is that you are just not used to dressing or do not want to be judged by people, I highly recommend that you get out of your comfort zone, because it is really very fun to wear a beautiful dress as a wedding guest. You will have fun for sure. There is nothing wrong with looking good. 

After sharing many beautiful ideas for wedding guest clothes, my personal favorite (if dress is not an option) is the palazzo jumpsuit. I think this is the safest option because for other ideas you really have to make the effort to connect your top and bottom so as not to look understated. If it's about an outdoor wedding, my personal favorite would be the play pack because it's more refreshing. 

Hopefully, the ideas I shared can inspire you to find a great outfit idea for the next wedding you attend. By the way, if you're going to a beach wedding, I've previously written an article for yellow cocktail dress ideas that make you look absolutely amazing for cocktail parties and outdoor weddings. Also, be sure to check out our other articles that contain very useful information and tips on fashion, beauty and fitness. Our goal is to inspire you to see the best you can be, both inside and outside. 


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