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Boyfriend Cardigan Outfits

Boyfriend Cardigan Outfits

In today's fashion world, the boyfriend fashion trend has become something good that you can hardly ignore. I'm pretty sure you've heard of boyfriend shirts and boyfriends. Most likely, they are something that you wear regularly. But do you know that there is something called boyfriend's shirt? You can probably say from the name that it simply means the oversized cardigan. However, this simple item can instantly and dramatically change the style of a casual outfit. I've compiled some of the best ideas for boyfriend cardigan outfit for you. Let's check them out now. 

Gray knitted boyfriend shirt with white Peplum top

To start with the list, I'll show you a suit that involves both a boyfriend and boyfriend. You can simply wear a white peplum top with a light gray knit boyfriend cap for the top. For the bottom, wear cuffs and ripped boyfriends. Complement the outfit creatively and elegantly with a pair of cheetah ankle boots. 

Gray boyfriend card with white vest top

gray boyfriend cardigan white vest top

A special character of boyfriend's skirt is that it can instantly turn your wall into casual outfit to look more feminine and decent. Imagine the suit in the picture above without a cardigan. It would be an outfit consisting of a white vest top, black skinny jeans and white sneakers, something that is a bit too casual. Now, with the gray boyfriend card, the outfit is upgraded instantly. 

White Button Up shirt with black cardigan

white button up shirt black cardigan

This outfit is a successful attempt to build a business suit around a black boyfriend's skirt. You can simply wear it with a white button shirt and black skinny jeans. For the shoes, a typical choice is pink heels. As an alternative, a pair of black ballet flats can make the outfit look prettier. 

Ivory knitted boyfriend shirt with white top and silk scarf

ivory knit boyfriend cardigan white top silk scarf

Here is a good example of how to use a layered outfit to look super chic. Wear a white top with an ivory knit boyfriend shirt and a green silk scarf. Pair them with gray skinny jeans and brown leather boots in the middle calf. 

Black boyfriend jacket with blue silk scarf

black boyfriend kofta blue silk scarf

To get a relaxed and lovely girl in the next door you can simply wear a white t-shirt with a black boyfriend card. Pair them with blue relax-fit jeans and white low top sneakers. Wear a blue silk scarf to give a feminine touch to the overall look. 

Black cardigan with oversized gray knitted sweater in the V-neck

black cardigan oversized gray sweater with v-neck

Up until this point, I have shown a lot of clothes that involve a boyfriend's jacket that is placed over a t-shirt or a short top. Let's see what a long cardigan on long top costume looks like for this outfit. Wear a black boyfriend's skirt over a gray oversized v-shirt. Complete outfit with skinny jeans and nude sandals. The result is a nice and relaxed look. 

Black cardigan with checkered boy's shirt

black cardigan plaid boyfriend shirt

Let's try another outfit that puts together two boyfriends products. Wear a checkered boyfriend shirt with a black boyfriend shirt. Complete outfit with skinny jeans and knee-high boots in black matte leather for a unique and elegant look. 

White top with black cardigan and jeans

white vest top black cardigan jeans

After looking at all these clothes, I can see an interesting attitude in designing a black boyfriend shirt. It is to pretend that it is a black leather jacket. I will explain it more fully with this outfit idea now. From the image above you can see that the outfit includes a white vest top, cuffed boyfriend jeans and gray ankle boots, an outfit that you can look absolutely stylish and cool with a black leather jacket. Now, instead, wear a black boyfriend's skirt, the outfit still looks really good but it now has a feminine touch. 

Chambray shirt with ivory card

chambray shirt ivory cardigan

For a cute girl look, you can wear a chambray shirt with an ivory boot. Complete outfit with dark blue skinny jeans and gray suede ankle shoes. As simple as this outfit looks, all the pieces just blend perfectly with each other, making this a lovely minimal costume. 

Crepe Long Cardigan with Gray Silk Top & Jeans

crepe long cardigan gray silk top jeans

For a more mature and professional look you may want a long crepe cardigan with a dark gray silk top. Pair them with ripped skinny jeans and gold sandals to complement the outfit with a little extra style. 

White Bodycon dress with belted cardigan

white bodycon dress belt cardigan

This is a unique suit that involves a belt cardigan, something you just don't see very often. To design it, you can simply wear it with a white bodycon dress that comes with some feminine lace details. Wear white heels to complement this beautiful business suit. 

Pale yellow knitted sweater and high boots in the thigh

light yellow knitted sweater high boots

For a nice look, you can wear a pale yellow knitted sweater and a combed women's cardigan for the top. For the bottom, wear blue skinny jeans with black thigh high boots. I really like how unique and stylish this outfit looks. This is a rare case where skinny jeans and thigh-high boots can coexist and look good. 

Gray oversized cardigan with Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

gray oversized cardigan ripped boyfriend jeans

This is a casual outfit that you would probably want to wear when you just want a casual hangout with a friend. You can simply wear a white vest top with a light gray boyfriend jacket. Pair them with boyfriend jeans and a pair of brown oxford shoes. 

Wear with White Vest Top & cuffed Boyfriend Jeans

white vest top cuffed boyfriend jeans

For an elegant minimalist look, you can simply wear a white vest top with a long gray cardigan. Complete outfit with cuffed boyfriend jeans and flip flops. 

Gray boyfriend's skirt with black skinny jeans

gray boyfriend cardigan black skinny jeans

Sometimes you may want to dress in a really low-key way while still looking good. A boyfriend's crotch can often help in these cases. For example, you can wear a white top with a gray boyfriend's cap for the top. Wear black skinny jeans and black oxford shoes for the bottom to complement this low-key but beautiful outfit. 

I hope you enjoy reading about these ideas for your boyfriend card. If you want to find out more about boyfriend fashion trends, you might want to read our blog posts about boyfriend shirts and boyfriends. Let's try and have fun styling. 


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